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(1) Police High-Definition Interview Room Recording Equipment (2) Police High-Definition Video Recording Equipment (3) Video Recording Tools for Law Enforcement Interview/Interrogation Room Recording (4) Interview Room Audio and Video Systems (5) Interrogation Room Recording System (6) Interrogation room Recording Equipment (7) Interview Room Surveillance Equipment (8) Interview Room Recording (9) Interview Video Recording Equipment (10) Police Interview Room Video System (11) Recording for Child Advocacy Centers (12) Digital Video to Record Child Forensic Interviews (13) Recording Equipment for Child Abuse Interviews (14) Portable/Mobile Recording of police Interviews (15) Recording for Child Forensic Interviews (16) Video Recording Equipment for Interviews, Hearings, Meetings and Conference Recording (17) Audio Recording Equipment for Police and Law Enforcement (18) Concealed / Hidden Interview Room Microphones and Disguise Microphone Enclosures (19) Concealed / Hidden Interview Room Cameras and Disguise Security Camera Enclosures (20) Private Investigator Bug Sweep in Orange / Southern California (21) Home / Residential Bug Sweep Orange CA (22) Debugging / Bug sweeping / Bug Detection Services Orange CA (23) TSCM “Bug” Sweeping Services Orange CA (24) Electronic Surveillance, Eavesdropping, Wiretap and Listening Device Detection and De-Bugging Service Orange CA (25) Audio / Speech Enhancement and Recording Clean Up Services Orange CA (26) Forensic Audio Clarification / Enhancement Services(27) Licensed Private Investigation Agency in Orange County / Southern California (28) Technical Surveillance Countermeasures TSCM "Bug" Sweeping Services (29) Electronic Surveillance, Eavesdropping, Wiretap and Listening Device Detection and "De-Bugging" (30) Forensic Audio Enhancement and Analysis, Audio Filtering and Audio Clarification Services (31) Police Interview Room Recording Equipment (32) Police HD High-Definition Interview Room Recording Equipment and Systems (33) Police Audio Interview and Meeting Recording Equipment (34) Concealed / Disguise Interview Room Microphone / Enclosures (35) Concealed / Disguise Interview Room Camera / Enclosures (36) Police Law Enforcement Interview Room Design.

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Interview Recording Equipment and Law Enforcement Sales
Sales: ggulen@legalteklx.com
Support: support@legalteklx.com

LX Monarch Support: (Other than Installation and Stand-Alone Operation):

Telephone: 714.321.9200
Mailing Address: 5753 East Santa Ana Canyon Rd. Suite G540
Anaheim Hills, CA 92807 USA

Sales In Canada: Visual Planning 2015 Corporation
1.613.563.8727 or 1.888.884.5444
Standing Offer: E60HN-15AVSO
(up to $400,000 per Canada purchase)

Sales in South America: UPPERCLICK SAS
Chief Commercial Officer Calle 25A No. 9-111 casa 28 San Nicolas
Chia - Cundinamarca - Colombia

Sales in Africa: OPAK Resources International Nigeria Limited
Dr. Princess Olufemi-Kayode
P.O. 1343, Agege 100005
Lagos, Nigeria
Cell: +234 (0) 8028227134

Sales in Southern Asia: Ms Samphel Enterprise
Thimphu Bhutan
Thimphu GPO 110001
samphelgroup@gmail.com samphelgroup@gmail.com

Sales in the UK: Matek Business Media ltd
Genesis House, Field Place Estate, Byfleets Lane
Broadbridge Heath, West Sussex
RH12 3PB
01403 276300

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