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Law Enforcement

LXC Covert/Disguise Surveillance Camera

LEGALTEK's disguise cameras incorporate the most recent Sony CMOS micro-lens image sensor technology, a design feature that significantly reduces picture noise, the primary cause of deterioration in image quality. Their increased sensitivity and incredible light gathering ability ensure the clarity of video recordings. The cameras are available in a variety of proprietary covert and surface mount enclosures.

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LXM Covert/Disguise Surveillance Microphone Systems

LEGALTEK's specialized microphone systems incorporate cutting edge active transducer technology with unique proprietary enclosures, yielding unmatched performance. Their low-noise high dynamic range characteristics make them ideal for use in interview rooms and other surveillance applications.

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LX-MAR Digital Audio Recording Solution

LX-MAR allows agencies to bring professional audio recording with them anywhere. Files are stored directly to removable solid-state USB, SD or Compact Flash memory. Recordings can be rapidly transferred or to CD-R or CD-RW discs in the field. LX-MAR is the most reliable and secure way for law enforcement and the legal community to record depositions, interviews and meetings.

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Law Enforcement Interview Room Design

LEGALTEK is your resource for interview room planning. Our technical group is here to assist your agency with room design, layout and product selection.

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